Providing an Atmosphere for a Thriving, Growing Economy

A strong economy yields the resources necessary to meet the needs of all citizens.

The big picture

Economics is one of the three pillars of sustainability. At all levels, the goal is to leave economic resources for future generations that assure standards of living at least as good as our own. For governments, this generally means exercising fiscal responsibility and limiting long-term debt to the funding of future assets and infrastructure. And for all of us, including governments, it means fostering a culture and atmosphere that encourages a healthy private business community.

Old Saybrook

A local economy depends upon the retention and growth of existing businesses and the attraction of new businesses and investment. In Old Saybrook, this takes place through the quality of life in town, the attractiveness and prosperity of the community, and the low tax rate on business property.


Our goal should be to retain all the features of the town that ensure a vital economy, while encouraging future job creation:
Maintain a strong economic development program.
Encourage new businesses that provide career employment.