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Natural Communities





Because of our location at the mouth of the Connecticut River in Long Island Sound, Old Saybrook has a wide variety of natural communities that share common characteristics such as salinity, tidal influence, elevation, vegetation, soil characteristics, hydrology, etc.  These natural communities add to the character of the town - both visually and from an ecological perspective - and keeping them intact and healthy is important to the long term sustainability of the town.
The map below identifies where these areas generally are located.  To learn more about the unique characterisitics of an area, click near its number on the map.
Natural Habitats in Old Saybrook
Northwest Uplands and Oyster RiverCoastal Salt MarshesCoastal EmbaymentsMature Coastal Hardwood/Aquifer WetlandsConnecticut River Brackish Tidal WetlandsConnecticut River EstuaryLong Island Sound