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Northwest Uplands and Oyster River

The Northwest Uplands contain the town's highest elevations - rocky summits, many with vernal pools interspersed between. Pequot Swamp, located near the center of this area, is a vegetated marsh surrounded by ledge and upland.  This area of town contains red maple and cedar swamps. It also includes the headwaters of the Oyster River - connecting cold springs, intermittent streams and narrow, winding brooks to Long Island Sound.  This water is home to migratory fish species, including alewife and blueback herring that travel thousands of miles form their life at sea to spawn in the upper reaches of the Oyster River. The Oyster River contains a complete suite of healthy tidal marshes, from salt to freshwater, that support a great diversity of wildlife, including birds, fish and shellfish.  Some of the conservation threats to this area, arising primarily from residential development include loss of habitat, alterations to habitat and ecosystem fragmentation.