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Sea Level Rise

Sea level is rising worldwide. In our area, current scientific estimates indicate that the sea could rise on the

Chalker Beach during Storm Sandy
order of one (1) foot around mid century and by as much as four (4) feet by the end of the century. Said another way, a person buying a shoreline home today will likely see significant changes before their mortgage is paid. While the timing of these changes is not exact, the impacts will be real nonetheless. Roads that currently flood at only the very highest tides will flood monthly. Homes near the shore will see more frequent flooding.  Low-lying areas may become permanently underwater.  Storm events will cause flood damages farther inland in areas not previously subjected to flooding. Our rivers and streams will overflow their banks more frequently. No part of Old Saybrook will be immune from impact; even upland areas will see their town altered by the rising sea.
To better understand the potential impacts of sea level rise, the Board of Selectmen appointed a committee to investigate and make recommendations for policy changes to mitigate and adapt to sea level rise and to increase awareness of the problem in Old Saybrook.