educationA Productive Community

Education is an important part of a sustainable community because it is directly linked to economic growth. Providing access to high quality schools yields a more productive and higher earning workforce. It attracts commercial enterprises that benefit by drawing on highly skilled labor. It may also increase property values, reduce crime, and lower the costs of healthcare by leading to healthier lifestyles.

The big picture

A strong business sector is critical to maintaining quality of life and financial security for communities of all sizes. Education is a time-tested path to success in the business world. In addition, most cultures value education highly and it is widely recognized as a pathway to personal fulfillment and well-being.

Old Saybrook

In Old Saybrook, we make public education freely available to resident children and young adults. The town’s Youth and Family Services Department, Library, Recreation Department, the Estuary Regional Senior Center, the Middletown Adult Education Office in Old Saybrook, and numerous other groups offer programs to stimulate learning in residents of all ages. Additionally, Middlesex Community College is only a short drive up Route 9 and offers a number of courses right in town at the Old Saybrook High School.


  • To improve the quality of public education in Old Saybrook through smart investment and allocation of resources in the public school system.
  • To improve the quality and increase the diversity of that education to meet the demands of today’s work environment.
  • To increase the availability of educational opportunities for adults who are looking to improve their workplace skills and increase their earning potential.