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Internet for Everyone

Broadband internet access is no longer a luxury item reserved for the wealthy and the gadget-obsessed minority.  As a nation, the internet has become a critical part of our daily lives.  Broadband is a foundation for economic growth, job creation, global competitiveness and a better way of life.  In the town of Old Saybrook, there are a multitude of ways to access the internet.  Residents can subscribe to services from their mobile phone providers and they can subscribe to services offered by AT&T or Comcast for their homes.  Additionally, they can make use of free public internet access provided at the town's public library and free private internet access points provided by some local businesses. 
This is a great start, but Old Saybrook should strive to do better.  Unfortunately, getting online remains difficult for some people in the community since most connectivity options require that you "bring your own device" and/or subscribe to expensive monthly services.  In truth, the only free method of getting online in Old Saybrook is to go to the Acton Public library to use one of their internet connected computers.   As a community, Old Saybrook needs to look for ways to lower the barriers preventing or limiting access to the internet.  For example, we should get involved with programs like the FCC's National Broadband Plan to ensure that fast and affordable internet options are available to everyone in our community in the years ahead. 
Acton Public Library Information
FCC's National Broadband Plan

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