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Old Saybrook School District

The following mission and goals have been adopted by the Old Saybrook Board of Education and School District.


The Old Saybrook Public Schools respect and support the individuality of each student.  We will encourage all students to meet their potential and become self-motivated, independent, and responsible citizens who will successfully contribute to a rapidly changing, global, technological, and literary community.  All will be held accountable to accomplish this mission through excellence in instructional practices, strong community partnerships, high standards, and a challenging, diverse curriculum.

  • Academic Excellence:  Promote high academic achievement for each student in all subjects
  • Child Advocacy:  Promote the social, emotional, and physical well-being of each individual
  • Safety:  Create a safe, secure, and orderly school environment
  • Communication:  Enhance communication for increased parent and community involvement
  • Technology:  Implement system-wide improvements in technology
  • Policy and Procedure:  Establish policies and procedures that govern school actions
  • Fiscal Management and Budget:  Create and maintain a fiscally responsible annual budget

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