Ensuring Access to Reliable, Affordable and Clean Energy

Providing for our energy needs in a responsible way is crucial to our quality of life, both now and in the future. How we meet those energy needs will impact our economic well-being, our environment, and our security.

The big picture

There is a sharp connection between energy use and standard of living. Supplying that energy to everyone who would benefit from it has created huge global and national concerns associated with its costs to society. Americans (and Australians) use more energy per capita than any other cultures on Earth, and so the pressure to supply energy in this country has lead to strong economic and environmental concerns and national worries about our dependence on other countries.

Old Saybrook

Locally, the problem comes down to reducing our unnecessary energy consumption associated with transportation, lighting, and the heating/air conditioning of our commercial, institutional and residential buildings.


  • Institute a town-wide energy efficiency program. The local government should be the role model, so that energy efficiency can be more easily promoted throughout town. This would have the added gain of decreasing costs to local taxpayers as energy consumption in town buildings is reduced.
  • Longer term, the town should study the feasibility of generating its own power. The most recent storm-related power outages have demonstrated that those municipalities that have power-generating capacity of their own have fared better than other communities in this state.