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Home Energy Solutions Assessments

During these first few days of fall it's easy to forget just how cold it can get in the winter and how much money we spend to heat our homes.  You can act now to make your house more energy efficient - to make it more comfortable this winter and keep your heating dollars from being wasted.
Through a state-sponsored program that is largely funded by Connecticut's electric and gas utilities, you can sign up for a Home Energy Solutions (HES) assessment.  The assessment only costs $75 - about one tenth of its actual cost.  Trained technicians locate air leaks and caulk and insulate to prevent cold air from entering your house and heat from escaping; they may add insulation to your domestic hot water supply pipes; they will check temperature settings on your hot water tank; they will check for and where possible fix leaks in forced hot air systems; they will install free low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators to reduce water use; they will install up to 25 free compact fluorescent light bulbs; and they will provide you with coupons that can be used for EPA Energy Star appliances (which use less energy) if you are in the market for new ones.
This is a great opportunity to make your house more energy efficient and to save money.  Take advantage of this opportunity now - the program may not be around much longer.  To learn more or to sign up for an assessment, call Connecticut's toll-free energy information line at 1-877-WISE-USE (1-877-947-3873) or visit the CL&P website.
Please note - the HES program is open for both homeowners and renters. There also is a free program that includes a new free EPA Energy Star refrigerator for homeowners and renters that meet certain income guidelines.  To learn more about the HES Income-Eligible program, visit this CL&P website.