Committing to Agriculture and Food Security

Providing an adequate, available and quality regional local food supply will improve our quality of life. Giving access to healthy food for those who have food security problems is a measure of our vision for and support of social equity.

The big picture

Connecticut has reduced its agricultural working lands in the face of development to about 10 percent of the state. While agriculture is still a significant contributor to the state’s economy it cannot be said that CT agriculture can feed its own in the face of a sustained for shortage. However, the local food movement has increased in scope. Food Security, where quality food is not available to sections of the population, is an increasing concern.

Old Saybrook

Old Saybrook relies almost solely on importing food to its food outlets, and has all but lost its ability to provide local food. If the past is any guide, land use development patterns will continue to accelerate this trend. Old Saybrook will need to provide access to healthy food that will increasingly need to be defined by local production. Old Saybrook will also need to asses the current food security needs of its residents to ensure that everyone has access to food choices.


Establish an Agriculture and Food Security Commission to develop and implement an aciton plan to encourage the expansion of agriculture in Old Saybrook and identity it’s citizens food security needs