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Identity & Culture

Culturally Vibrant and Inclusive with a Unique Sense of Place
A community’s identity is a shared experience of its public realm – and how physical features and its built heritage influence its “sense of place”.  Culture begins with the human connections made in that public realm and grows with the community’s reputation for fostering those connections – business, artistic, social, political, and geographic.
The big picture
A community’s identity or culture can be a source of pride or the basis for conflict.  Eras of architecture, immigration or demographic shifts, updates in technology, newer modes of communication can threaten the status of what is familiar with a sense of loss as easily as can the process of change reinvigorate a community’s perceived quality of life.
Old Saybrook
Our town is iconic of life in New England with two lighthouses, historic districts, a vibrant mix of uses on its Main Street, and the most shoreline of any town in Connecticut.  The Town’s maintenance and prudent reinvestment in public infrastructure – both gray and green – is a source of satisfaction that inspires on-going commitment from many service, fraternal, religious and non-profit groups to sponsor community-based events and physical improvements.  Besides a destination for cultural and ecological tourism, this setting is also the background for the daily goings-on of a community with a stable culture of “small town” pride that it can’t help but share: people summer in Old Saybrook, retire to Old Saybrook, move their families to Old Saybrook, and sponsor immigrations to Old Saybrook.
Are we doing enough
to keep Old Saybrook culturally
vibrant and inclusive?
We hope to improve our town’s Identity & Culture and measure our progress.
  1. A maintained and connected sense of place
    • Natural Heritage Tour
    • Scenic Roads
    • Town Center campus
  2. Celebration of heritage, creativity and diversity
    • Stevenson Archives
    • Saybrook Players
    • Stupa at The Hay House farm
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