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Housing & Shelter

Housing Choice for all Residents

The freedom to live in a community of one’s choosing – based on geographic preference, proximity to family, or access to employment – is a sustainable realization of the American dream.

The big picture
The ability to attain housing is traditionally impeded only by one’s ability or achievement, but national trends in construction industry and government financial policy have homogenized housing choice to serve the greatest and safest markets of home-buyers. Therefore, making housing more attainable requires more than simply increasing housing supply of limited types. Across the country, we must reinvest to restore communities with existing infrastructure and create new opportunities for housing through variety and efficiency of development practices. Sustainability in housing means not only more energy-efficient buildings, but also the walkability of our neighborhoods, the availability of choices for transportation, and access to employment and retail, including healthy food.

Old Saybrook
Our town is home to more than 10,000 people and a summer home to many more. Old Saybrook’s strength lies in its range of neighborhood patterns, the proximity of each to natural resources, and the strength of job opportunities within and near to “home”. As we approach “build-out” of the vacant developable land, we will soon need to replace and renovate older homes that do not meet our current standards of efficiency and lifestyle.
Are we doing enough to sustain housing choice for all residents?
Are we doing enough
to sustain housing choice
for all residents?
  1. Finance capacity and variety in new housing.
    • Incentive housing zones
    • Mixed-use apartments
  2. Facilitate energy-efficient renovation of existing housing.
    • Winterization of seasonal dwellings
  3. Encourage sustainable neighborhood patterns.
    • Pocket parks
    • Transit stops and sidewalks
    • Affordable housing
    • Mixed-use subzones