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Safeguarding Clean Water and Sufficient Water
Protecting the quantity and quality of our surface and groundwater resources is crucial for a Sustainable Old Saybrook. How we help protect our water resources from pollution is a measure of our shared responsibility for economic, social and environmental development.
The big picture
Connecticut is fortunate to have aquifer, wetland and water resources in abundance. These resources sustain the quantity and quality of Connecticut's drinking water, rivers and streams, lakes and ponds, and recreational waters and contribute to the beautiful natural mosaic that is Connecticut. These are shared resources and safeguarding them in a sustainable manner for future generations is crucial.

Old Saybrook
Old Saybrook is bordered by the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. It's natural watery mosaic is created by upland wetlands, and rivers and streams that meander into broad coastal marshes to then outlet into those exemplary heritage resources. Old Saybrook is also home to substantial aquifer water. These resources should command added emphasis for protection so that future generations can enjoy the same clean and sufficient water Old Saybrook citizens enjoy today.

  1. Work with the Old Saybrook Land Trust and other partners to develop and implement a Sustainable Landscape program. The purpose would be to engage willing citizenry in adding to the natural beauty of Old Saybrook while protecting its water resources and those of the CT River and Long Island Sound from polluted runoff.
  2. Develop a program to ensure that the aquifer under the existing transfer station is protected from pollutants such as mercury.